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Welcome Families, Students, School Staff and Community Partners

The following pages are a good place to learn about the services and supports for students and families in the Shawnee Heights School community. You'll find a directory of local resources; links to services; and information about common areas of concern. 

As a school community, we understand and value that our families have a major influence on a student’s achievement. When schools, families, and community groups work together to support learning, children tend to do better at school, stay in school longer, and like school more.  The agencies listed offer a variety of resources for children and families. For more information about their services, click on the agency name below and contact them directly or contact a member of our Counseling Staff. If you have specific needs, please call staff listed at your school building for additional information. 

The listing of any organization in the list of community resources does not imply that the organization or the goods and services offered have been endorsed by the Shawnee Heights School District. 


Calling any one of these agencies is a good starting place for families who may need financial assistance or support. Community Action, Doorstep, Let’s Help, Inc., Catholic Charities and The Salvation Army all refer to one another. Rent and utility help can be provided through appointments with these agencies if the family meets the requirements. Other services such as gas, bus tickets, prescription, or dental help can be provided on a walk-in basis. These agencies recommend calling before visiting to confirm hours, availability of funding, and any necessary paperwork before visiting the agency in person.

Shawnee County  
(785) 357-5341
785) 233-9648
(785) 233-9648
(785) 233-6300
(785) 235-9564
Douglas County  
(785) 841-3357
(785) 856-2694
(785) 841-7297
(785) 842-0729
(785) 843-4188
Osage County  
(785) 528-5184
(785) 273-4804
(785) 528-5184

The following resources provide food assistance. Agencies associated with Client Track have a 60-day waiting period for accessing food resources. Client Track agencies require social security numbers for every member of the household. This allows agencies to provide larger quantities of food resources for families. These agencies include Doorstep, Catholic Charities, etc. However, there are many food banks that are not part of the Client Track system you can visit without the 60-day waiting period.

Shawnee County  
(785) 861-7700
(785) 234-6208
(785) 354-1744
(785) 357-5341
(785) 267-5910
(785) 233-9648
(785) 232-1937
  • Open Arms Outreach
(785) 232-3463
Douglas County  
(785) 841-3357
(785) 842-0729
(785) 841-7297
(785) 856-7030
Osage County  
(785) 828-4888

These agencies provide counseling and mental health support for families and students. These agencies may be a good location to seek support. There are many other providers in each county. If you have additional questions, please ask a school counselor or social worker.

Shawnee County  
(785) 232-5005    (24-hour crisis services)
(785) 233-0516
(785) 274-3100
(785) 272-0778
(785) 783-3020
Douglas County  
(785) 843-9192
(785) 843-2429
(785) 841-7297
(785) 841-2145
(785) 864-4416
Osage County  
(620) 342-4864
(785) 528-3189

When children and adolescents experience the death of a friend or loved one, they will respond to grief in their own unique way. Each student will be affected differently depending on his or her developmental level, cultural beliefs, personal characteristics, family situation, and previous experiences. Children may show rather than talk about their grief. Their behavior, play, and interactions can reflect their grief. Adolescents often respond to people who choose to be a companion to them on the grief journey. The grief of a teen is different from that of a child or an adult, compounding and complicating his or her already complex life. School and community resources can provide support for a student experiencing grief and loss. Providers on the Mental Health tab also support grief and loss concerns.


Shawnee County  
(785) 232-2044

Teen pregnancy can bring many challenges for students and their families including prenatal care, changes in social connections, and navigating school life. The resources below can help to provide support to teens who are pregnant.

Shawnee County  
(785) 246-6805
(800) 875-5595
(785) 274-3100
Douglas County  
(785) 843-0721
(785) 842-6499
Osage County  
(785) 828-3117

There are many effective substance abuse prevention interventions. Interventions can involve the family, school, and community, and may provide substance abuse prevention for an individual or a population of youth by focusing on environmental and community factors and policies, developmental factors, or skill development. The following resources may be helpful for your student. If you have additional questions please contact your school counselor or social worker.

Shawnee County  
(785) 266-8666
(785) 266-0202
(785) 789-3705
(785) 233-1730
Douglas County  
(785) 789-3705
(785) 841-4138
Osage County  

(620) 343-2211

State and National Resources  

Eligible families can receive free immunizations from the health department office in Topeka.  Immunizations are done on a walk-in basis. No appointment is necessary. Please take your immunizations record with you. You should keep your shot record just as you would any other important document.


Shawnee County Health Department Immunizations

2115 SW 10th Ave

Topeka, KS 66604

(785) 251-2180



Monday, Thursday, Friday

8:00 am - 11:00 am

1:00 pm - 4:00 pm



10:00 am - 1:00 pm

3:00 pm - 6:00 pm



8:00 am - 11:00 am

2:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Find out about the Kansas Immunization Program.

Information about School & Child Care Immunization.

Academic resources may be utilized to help your child succeed in school. Many schools offer supplementary academic support for students. Please check with your student’s teacher.

Math Quest Learning Center  (785) 783-3549
Topeka Library Homework Center  (785)-580-4565

Washburn University

Math or education department students may be willing to provide tutoring.

After School Programming:

Child Care Aware of Eastern Kansas has a comprehensive service providing detailed information on available childcare in the area and what to look for when choosing a childcare provider.  They also have a parenting helpline at  1-877-678-2548 to answer parenting questions, as well as providing information on available parenting classes.

Lack of Internet service makes it difficult for students to complete homework, creating a “homework gap”, which places students without access at a disadvantage when compared to their peers who do have such access. EveryoneOn, a national nonprofit working to ensure all students have access to Internet service at home, is pleased to inform you about an upcoming new low-cost wireline home Internet offer for students and families:

EveryoneOn can help you find low-cost internet and affordable computers in your area.

Access from AT&T can help lower cost of internet services for qualifying households.

Smile, It's Healthy! provides dental services including cleaning and restorative care for students at no cost to students.


Smile! It’s Healthy - District Wide

Grace Med - Tecumseh South


Jones Foundation -  (620) 342-1714

Domestic violence is a pattern of behavior that one person in a relationship uses to control the other. The behavior may be verbally, emotionally, physically, financially, or sexually abusive. NCTSN in partnership with Futures without Violence has developed Children and Domestic Violence, 10 fact sheets for parents who may have left—or still be in—an abusive relationship. The fact sheets help families living with domestic violence or its aftermath to learn the following:

  • How they can get help for themselves or someone else in a domestic crisis
  • How they may see their children react to domestic violence
  • How they can best help their children to feel safe and valued
  • How they can help children to develop personal strength

The Children and Domestic Violence fact sheets not only give information, but also specific, hands-on strategies for parents to make and keep their children safe, to help them explore their feelings and share their experiences, to talk to children about domestic violence, to make the most of children’s playtime, to stay connected to preteens and teens, to appropriately comfort and soothe children’s fears, to manage children’s tantrums and aggression, to aid children in an ongoing relationship with an abusive parent, to get more help for your child if things are not improving, and to learn to take handle stress and to come up with a plan for self-care.
#1--How Does Domestic Violence Affect Children?
#2--Celebrating Your Child’s Strengths
#3--Before You Talk to Your Children: How Your Feelings Matter
#4--Listening and Talking to Your Child About Domestic Violence
#5--The Importance of Playing with Your Children
#6--Keeping Your Children Safe and Responding to Their Fears
#7--Managing Challenging Behavior of Children Living with Domestic Violence
#8--Where to Turn if You Are Worried About Your Child
#9--Helping Your Child Navigate a Relationship with the Abusive Parent
#10--A Parent’s Self-Care and Self-Reflection

With over 160 pages, the CRC Directory is the most comprehensive reference for Adult and Family Resources. Available below for Shawnee, Jefferson, and Jackson Counties.

Shawnee County:

Douglas County:

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