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Berryton Elementary School is a close-knit learning community that focuses on student learning.  As one of four elementary schools in Shawnee Heights USD 450, we implement the methodologies of Quantum Learning.

Quantum Learning is a powerful and engaging teaching and learning methodology that integrates best educational practices into a unified wholeBy using the Quantum Learning FADE modelwe build:

  • a strong FOUNDATION of aligned principles, beliefs, agreements, policies and rules (community)
  • an empowering ATMOSPHERE of trust, safety and a sense of belonging
  • a dynamic and engaging curriculum DESIGN
  • a supportive ENVIRONMENT that enhances the learning process

We use four Directives to guide our instruction and our interactions with students and other adults.

  1. Be Purposeful
  2. Create an Experience
  3. Cultivate thinking
  4. Celebrate Learning

For more detailed information, please begin your research with the Quantum Learning website   
Learn About Quantum Learning

Students and Adults at Berryton aspire to follow the Eight Keys of Excellence:

  • Integrity
  • Failure Leads to Success
  • Speak with Good Purpose
  • This is it
  • Commitment
  • Ownership
  • Flexibility
  • Balance

Learn About Quantum Learning

Our school community continues to implement the latest research on proven strategies to reduce and address bullying issues in our school.  Our school is committed to creating a safe environment in which all people are valued, respected, and treated with dignity.


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